We Made The Newspaper

Well I must say, this was a very exciting way to enjoy my morning coffee at Angove Street Collective!! Reading my very first article in the West Australian on Thursday morning and written by Rob Broadfield, wow...... He definitely gave me a great plug and informed a lot of people that didn't already know of Knutsford Gourmet, know exactly what I do. 'Every now and then we see a new product we think worthy of a plug. This is especially so if it is a small ,family start-up. A free plug can make all the difference. Knutsford Gourmet is one such artisanal, boutique food producer making a range of crackers specifically created to increase one's enjoyment of cheese. Imagine that, crackers and frui

Here We Go!

Hello and here we go......So this is the first time I have ever written a Blog or had readers to keep interested for that matter! But I've never run my own personal business either till now, so there's a first time for everything. I thought i'd start with sharing my story, for those of you that haven't already read it. My name is Lisa Richards and I am the owner and chef at Knutsford Gourmet. I trained as a chef here in Perth and at that time was very fortunate to work with some amazing chefs and mentors that definitely gave me the drive, encouragement and confidence to get to where I did in my career over the years. At the age of 21 I packed my bags and moved to London for the experience of

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