Burning The Candle At Both Ends

Being in a kitchen from the age of 17 years old, burning the candle at both ends becomes part of your everyday life and well, just expected really!!! Work work work and very little sleep sleep sleep was the norm and you really got use to it. But when I became a mum I really started to enjoy those extra hours of sleep and normality that new life brought with it!! It's funny, I think I got more sleep with a newborn than I did on some weeks rosters back in the day... Now though, some days it really does break my heart that busy busy busy comes first and play with the kids comes second, we have to remember they're only small for such a blip and that playful nature only last for so long. But how

Little Cheese Shop at Wine Show By The Bay....

Exciting news for Knutsford Gourmet....... On the 24th June 2017 Wine Show By The Bay is featuring at the University Club again and I am proud to say that the amazing owners of Little Cheese Shop in Bayswater are going to be featuring 3 of the KG cracker range!!! * Honey and Walnut Lavosh * Maple Syrup and Pink Peppercorn Lavosh * Multi-Seed Cracker Little Cheese Shop is a quaint speciality cheese store at 89c Whatley Cresent, Bayswater in Perth WA where Geoff and Emma spend their days catering to all the cheese lovers of Perth along with their every cheese wants, dreams and needs.... With a warm and welcoming shop front that's inviting to all the passes by and nearly impossible to resist a

All Work And No Play, Is Just Boring.

Do you ever get the feeling that all you do is just work work work? The words 'Ground Hog Day' do come to mind!!! QUITE OFTEN ACTUALLY..... Week after week and month after month. However from the weekly goings on to the weekend craziness, this weekend was the perfect acception to break that cycle and let our hair down, enjoy beautiful people and their company, with party after party after party. WOO HOO :-) Saturday evening..... Saturday night at Sweetwater Rooftop Bar was a celebration of true love. Finally a dear friend of mine I really don't see enough of, has found the love of his life!!! Finding each other is the blessing they both deserved and were waiting for in life.... The whole nig

Olive Oil and Community at its Finest

This weekend my family and I had the pleasure of spending time with the amazing community of people in North Perth and from North Perth Primary School. My husband and I along side a great team, coordinated the fund raising event of the year 'Harvest 6006', where people from the school and community spent their Saturday picking olives from the beautiful trees in the area and around the suburbs. From sun up to sun down the whole day was overwhelmingly received. With the trailer full, containers everywhere and the supplied olive creates over flowing, our day ended with the most amazing amount of beautiful green and black olives awaiting the press! Early Sunday morning ourselves and the olives s

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