Exciting Things This Month..

Fromage Fromage Fromage Hello all my loyal KG fans that are tuning in to read yet another of my weekly blogs... Well, there have been lots of exciting things happen this month around Perth and firstly I'm going to start off with the amazing Fromage Artisans opening of its doors in our CBD!! OMG its about time Perth that you came in line with the rest of the world and fell in love with cheese like the rest of us. Danicia and Michael have done an out standing job of turning an unused and yet so amazingly beautiful building into something of pure beauty and passion for all of us to enjoy in so many ways. Knutsford Gourmet is very proud to say that we are part of their cheese journey here in Per

Look Out For Knutsford Gourmet On Your Coffee Cups Around Perth

Well Hello Everyone, Yet another week has gone from all of our busy lives, but to put a little cream on top of that busy week I am very very excited to announce that my Knutsford Gourmet logo will be featured as a sponsor on the side of the next Issue 04 of the Paper Cup Project around Perth and involved in their 'Photo + Tagging' competition run on social media. Knutsford Gourmet's logo will be on 150,000+ coffee cups and distributed around Perth for all of you to see and mark your excitement when you buy your next coffee. As well as my logo getting around Perth there will also be a feature article about the Knutsford Gourmet business on the Paper Cup Project's digital online magazine and t

S'mores S'mores and more S'mores

So some exciting news on the winter warmer subject... Little Polkadot Pantry has teamed up with our Knutsford Gourmet Graham Cracker this winter to bring you something that'll test those tastebuds, totally crash the diets and bring out your inner sugar addict!!! With S'mores S'mores and more S'mores on offer for every occasion you had better get in quick and book a party with Little Polkadot Pantry for your next special gathering. It'll be something the guests will never forget this is for sure and the perfect way the finish a winter dinner party with your favourite Digestifs. Let yourself go for just a moment and enjoy every minute of these mouthfuls of pleasure........ x S'mores Facts: A s


Well winter is here and doesn't the cold weather just bring out your inner chef!! I don't know about you but winter just gives me the warm a fuzzy's.... All I can think of is the perfect setting of a cosy house with that crackling open fire, gorgeous tasty wholesome foods, fresh warm bread, cheeses, wines and the best of the best at this time of year.... Truffles, Truffles And More Truffles. Maybe living in England for so long just bought out my inner pom or eskimo, one of the two but I just love the winter months here in Perth. We have the crisp cold mornings & evenings, the most amazing of sunny days and then the perfect amount of rainy ones to make us moan about the weather..... lol To bo

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