It's Knutsford Gourmet's Glass Cake Time of Year Again.... Taking Orders Now!!!

Well its hard to believe that it's nearly that time of years again. OMG where has 2017 gone. When this beautiful time of year comes around again at Knutsford Gourmet we add a couple of little specials to our biscuit list just to mix things up a bit and keep those taste buds on their toes with funky flavour and new experiences... So when it comes to these little beauties they are no expection.... Paired with all styles of strong flavoured cheeses from an Old English Cheddar & Wensleydale or a Creamy Goats Cheese to an intense Stilton, you have to give them a go. With a hard outer layer and moist inside full of cherries, walnut, brazil nuts and raisins they slice perfectly for the cheeseboard

Sneak peak into the new flavours on offer @Black Pig Deli & Co.

Hello again everyone, Once again its been a crazy busy week of baking baking and more baking.... Just what we love here at Knutsford Gourmet, of course. So from last weeks post I am hoping some of you by now may have had the chance to pop your heads in at the newest and hottest store in Inglewood, Black Pig Deli & Co. If the answer is no then you should really do yourselves and your tummies a favour by paying them a visit, you won't want to leave. Todays post is all about temping your taste buds and teasing you with my newest creations of which are ONLY available from Black Pig Deli & Co, so feast your eyes and open your minds to a mixture of flavours and textures that are created and set to

I'm Back... And Have Exciting News!!!!

Hello Hello to you all and what a break it has been I must say..... But those details can wait and I'll get into that adventures next week! Tonight I have some long awaited and very exciting news to share with you all. Black Pig Deli & Co. have opened their doors and are welcoming you all into their tasty gourmet haven, of nothing but beautiful goodness and luxury for the taste buds... Knutsford Gourmet has been working on an exclusive range of crackers, biscuits and lavosh for a little while now that will ONLY be available in store at Black Pig Deli. Some of the flavours inc. * Maple, Thyme & Black Pepper Lavosh * Beetroot, Maple & Black Sesame Lavosh * Charcoal, Pistachio & Fennel * Lemon

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