We Made The Newspaper

Well I must say, this was a very exciting way to enjoy my morning coffee at Angove Street Collective!!

Reading my very first article in the West Australian on Thursday morning and written by Rob Broadfield, wow...... He definitely gave me a great plug and informed a lot of people that didn't already know of Knutsford Gourmet, know exactly what I do.

'Every now and then we see a new product we think worthy of a plug. This is especially so if it is a small ,family start-up. A free plug can make all the difference.

Knutsford Gourmet is one such artisanal, boutique food producer making a range of crackers specifically created to increase one's enjoyment of cheese. Imagine that, crackers and fruit pastes, tailor-made to suit different cheese varieties.

Lisa Richards is the owner and whiz in the kitchen. Her crackers are seriously good. How about Sea Salt Graham Cracker (pair with strong blue cheese or a mature cheddar), Black Pepper Shortbread (strong creamy blue), Honey and Walnut Lavosh (mature soft white cheese or manchego) and Maple Syrup and Pink Peppercorn (aged goat's cheese, creamy blue or mature soft white cheeses).

Visit knutsfordgourmet.com.au They sell wholesale to trade customers too.'

- Rob Broadfield, West Australian Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

I'm feeling so proud of how far this little business of mine has come and yet deep in thought as to how far we still have to go.

All those long days and sleepless nights are now paying off but there are still so so many to come.

Bring it on I say!!!

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