Olive Oil and Community at its Finest

This weekend my family and I had the pleasure of spending time with the amazing community of people in North Perth and from North Perth Primary School.

My husband and I along side a great team, coordinated the fund raising event of the year 'Harvest 6006', where people from the school and community spent their Saturday picking olives from the beautiful trees in the area and around the suburbs.

From sun up to sun down the whole day was overwhelmingly received. With the trailer full, containers everywhere and the supplied olive creates over flowing, our day ended with the most amazing amount of beautiful green and black olives awaiting the press!

The drop point for the olives

Early Sunday morning ourselves and the olives set off on our drive to York Olive Oil Co and there they started the process of making our 'Harvest 6006' olive oil for North Perth Primary School.

A big thank you to all the staff at the York Olive Oil Co for being so helpful with our bumper load and welcoming to all the children and parents that were wanting to watch the whole process take place, education in it's rawest form ;-)

Our final weigh in was 1444kg of Olive which gave us 146L of tasty and hopefully, another award winning olive oil.

The day was such an amazing success and a perfect family day out for all to enjoy together.

During the pressing process there is a great spot for the family to picnic or get the wood fire pizza oven going while the kids embrace the old fashioned flying fox and the parents re live their youth.

To top it all off the Olive Oil shop also sells their multi award winning 'Olive Oil Ice-cream' for all to enjoy and with every flavour possible.

You'll just be in heaven!!


Once the settling process has finished in a month, it will all be bottled and ready for selling. So everyone keep your eyes out for #havest6006 and I'll promise to let you all know right here.

Finally, to everyone who was involved in one way or another Jon and I would like to say a special thank you for everything. Events like these are not possible without the support of you all.


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