All Work And No Play, Is Just Boring.

Do you ever get the feeling that all you do is just work work work? The words 'Ground Hog Day' do come to mind!!! QUITE OFTEN ACTUALLY.....

Week after week and month after month.

However from the weekly goings on to the weekend craziness, this weekend was the perfect acception to break that cycle and let our hair down, enjoy beautiful people and their company, with party after party after party. WOO HOO :-)


Saturday evening.....

Saturday night at Sweetwater Rooftop Bar was a celebration of true love. Finally a dear friend of mine I really don't see enough of, has found the love of his life!!! Finding each other is the blessing they both deserved and were waiting for in life.... The whole night was just perfect in every way.

It's great to see that good things do happen to good people.

Congratulations on your engagement Sandro and Beau, you both deserve the greatest of happiness!!!

# MarriageEquality #EqualityCampaign

The happy couple Beau and Sandro


Sunday morning Sunday.....

And what a perfect way to kick start that Sunday afternoon after a night of drinking more than a 6 year olds birthday party ;-)....... lol

But fun, open areas to run, lollies, party food and great company from all the mums made it a whole lot better.

The kids spent the afternoon celebrating one of their friends birthdays, being totally occupied by each other and not bothering us except to ask for more food or to clean the cake from their faces.

Its always very interesting and amusing at times, to watching them playing their funny and somewhat interesting games... Don't get them at all, but given up trying lol...

Soccer goals were set up for those that love to play and it's so perfect seeing the Dad running around loving every minute of kicking a ball with his boys and their friends!!!

The playground got a pretty great work out to....

A fun afternoon all round, feeling refreshed and ready for the next party gathering.

Happy 6th Birthday to Connor's little mate.

Chocolate cupcake boys


Sunday Evening.....

And so the celebrations continue.

What better way to end the day than with another birthday celebration of the adult variety...

Kids, family, cheese and a good game of backyard croquet, oh and lets not forget gin&tonic and champagne!!!

The beautiful autumn evening defiantly didn't disappoint with its perfect weather and matched with the laughter of all generation, a happiness in the air and cake!!!

I can safely say it was the perfect finish to the perfect weekend....

Happy Birthday Soraya x



It's a hard one for us not to do because we all do so much of it these day, but take a moment to remember....

All Work and No Play, Is Just Boring!


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