Look Out For Knutsford Gourmet On Your Coffee Cups Around Perth

Issue 4 of the Paper Cup Project

Well Hello Everyone,

Yet another week has gone from all of our busy lives, but to put a little cream on top of that busy week I am very very excited to announce that my Knutsford Gourmet logo will be featured as a sponsor on the side of the next Issue 04 of the Paper Cup Project around Perth and involved in their 'Photo + Tagging' competition run on social media.

Knutsford Gourmet's logo will be on 150,000+ coffee cups and distributed around Perth for all of you to see and mark your excitement when you buy your next coffee.

As well as my logo getting around Perth there will also be a feature article about the Knutsford Gourmet business on the Paper Cup Project's digital online magazine and their Instagram page.

The Paper Cup Project is a unique and inventive idea that is adding a little art, colour and interest to your every enjoyable coffee.

Jump onto their website and read all about the story behind their project and touch basis with all the small businesses involved in each issue.

There's a list of participating cafes that are using the cups and are involved in the project on their website, in North Perth alone there are 3 of them!!!

Angove Street Collective

ll Locale

Engine Room Espresso

So again we small businesses call upon you all to support local and join in with the fun.

Look out for it all as it'll be hitting the streets any day now


Enjoy your coffee


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