What A Couple Weeks it Has Been...

Well I must say, what a couple of weeks it has been!!!!

And I must apologise for being absent but the weeks, brain power and energy just didn't extend far enough I'm afraid... However I'm back and pulling it together for a blog before I take a little break of rest, relaxation, total bliss and a couple more weeks of absence.... Sorry

This year so far has bought chaos, fun, exhaustion, moods, tempers, happiness and a total packages of emotion, pride, pleasure and love for my family support and small busi

ness that is growing into something you can all enjoy for years to come. So I must say the BIGGEST of thank you's to you all for your support and purchases where ever it may have been!!!

In saying that, once I am back the time and stress levels are once again are going to be fighting each other with still so many really exciting things on the horizon for KG (Knutsford Gourmet), ones that will be out very soon!!

I won't be the one to let the cat out of the bag but stay close, the secrets will be relieved in due time ;-)

So on that note, I am going to wish you all well and chat to you again in a couple of weeks once my shoulders have come down from my ears......... lol

Be Safe, Take Care & Keep Buying Those Crackers


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