Sneak peak into the new flavours on offer @Black Pig Deli & Co.

Hello again everyone,

Once again its been a crazy busy week of baking baking and more baking.... Just what we love here at Knutsford Gourmet, of course.

So from last weeks post I am hoping some of you by now may have had the chance to pop your heads in at the newest and hottest store in Inglewood, Black Pig Deli & Co. If the answer is no then you should really do yourselves and your tummies a favour by paying them a visit, you won't want to leave.

Todays post is all about temping your taste buds and teasing you with my newest creations of which are ONLY available from Black Pig Deli & Co, so feast your eyes and open your minds to a mixture of flavours and textures that are created and set to pair with a select variety of cheese.

In store the loverly ladies will be able to help you with your pairings and set the bar for the best flavour combinations.

Charcoal, Pink Pepper & Lake Salt

Never be afraid to try and mix new flavours with your cheese, you might just surprise yourself..

Have a Great Week and Enjoy


Maple, Thyme & Pepper Lavosh

Chilli Graham Crackers

Paprika Shortbread

Beetroot & Thyme Shortbread
Beetroot, Maple & Black Sesame Lavosh
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