Knutsford Gourmet Gift Vouchers are Now Available

Hello Hello Everyone,

Again its been a long time no hear and I apologise but things here in the Knutsford Gourmet kitchen have been a little crazy ...

I must say Christmas is well and truly sneaking up on us and I can't believe how fast this year has disappeared into the unknown... Is it just me or does every year go faster and faster these days???

Well, as we are so close I am hoping you are all staring to think about that little something for the special people in your lives and this year we are helping you add that special touch with our exciting new gift vouchers,

'A Gourmet Gift For You'.

Add it to a gift box or simply gift it to your friends for fresh crackers when they wish and the chance to choose a flavour that gets their tastebuds tangled..

Available now, using the contact me page flick me a message and I'll get straight back to you.

Happy shopping and always remember to ask, what is 'The Perfect Biscuit For The Perfect Cheese'?

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