Farmer On A Plate in Forrest

Good Morning,

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To all the lovers of amazing local produce and everything gourmet this is a day you shouldn't miss..

On Thursday April 4th from 9-3pm Farmer On A Plate will be hosted by Forrest Chase in our gorgeous city to celebrate family farming and rural communities from all over WA, connecting consumers to the producers of their gourmet treats.

Meats, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, honey and much much more.

This year I will be teaming up with Geoff from Little Cheese Shop to show you just how good WA cheese really is and how to pair it with the perfect crackers. #theperfectcrackerfortheperfectcheese

So come a visit us on the day for sampling of local cheese, crackers and plenty to purchase for a gourmet lunch.

We look forward to meeting you all.

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