'Stay Home' Kids Easter Fun

Hello again to all our amazing Knutsford Gourmet community of subscribers...

While I will try not to bombard you with loads of subscription junk mail, I will try to make this fun for you all and hopefully have you and your families play along with us.

Since Easter is fast approaching and we seem to have all this time on our hands now, my little Knutsford Gourmet family have been busy decorating the house for a fun and colourful Easter Celebration this year. Our plan is the create a fun and friendly front verge area for everyone to enjoy as they pass by on their daily exercise routine.

Help everyone put a smile on their faces by doing a few fun things for them to see...

1. Decorated polystyrene eggs (Red Dot) with bright coloured water based paints (Ikea) to hang in the front verge tree, we used paper clips bent open to hang them from the

top and used string for them to hang from the branches.

2. Made an Easter bunting from foam chick decorations (Red Dot), tying them together with string again and Jasper wrote his message on the (Happy Easter To You).

3. Styled a nest of eggs and baby chicks around the verge tree, (we even have some cheeky chicks trying to escape up the tree)

4. Sidewalk Chalk fun...

- We drew some happy rainbows on the front wall

- Gave the 'Easter Bunny' the route through the front gate so that he doesn't get lost ;-)

- Good old game of 'Hop Scotch' & '4 Square'

5. And finally, set up a 'Free Rosemary' stall for those tasty roasts or crispy potatoes and anyone that wants to take some.

Phew...... What a day of total chaos, mess, fun and arguments (of course), lol ....

I hope you to are enjoying some well needed family time in these crazy and unsettling weeks or months we have ahead of us? Remember to enjoy these special times even though they are forced apon us, we can make the most of them to reconnect and enjoy something that we once were very short on as families (TIME), and try to keep the fun alive.

We would love you to see your art and fun adventures!!

Keep smiling and stay safe......

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